Our sisterhood chairs plan multiple events each semester that offer opportunities to get to know more of our sisters and help create that ever lasting bond ESA strives for.   

Supportive Sister Nominations

Every week our chaplain has the role of reading supportive sister notes. Any member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha has the opportunity to write to the chaplain about any sister that has helped them get through the week.  This could be random shout outs to a sister that did a random act of kindess, or a sisiter that was there for you during a rough week.  The girl nominated then has the opportunity to sign the bra provided by the chaplain that shows all girls that have been nominated as a supportive sister for that school year. 


The ladies of Epsilon Sigma Alpha are "a head above the rest." We pride ourselves on what we can, and have done for others. As a sorority, we decided kindnEsΣ mAtters is an important initiative we want to take part in. Although we have the power to raise funds for deserving organizations, sometimes our smaller actions and positive attitudes towards others are just as powerful. ESA challenges YOU to put others first and make someone's day just as great as yours. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

Weekly Schedule 

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Nothing


Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: Easterseals Grape Soiree & Unpopular Opinion Powerpoint Night 

Sunday: Zoom Chapter @ 7 p.m. 

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