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ESA Sisters Sharing Their Sorority Experience! 

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Marisa Scamarcia: I fell in love with ESA my freshman year at ISU. I knew so many people who were a part of the sorority, so that already convinced me to join. Service opportunities are very important to me as I love to make a difference. This chapter has given me such wonderful opportunities and I love being a sister! My favorite memories have to be bid days and big little reveals! I met my best friends here, and I do not know what I'd do without this sorority!

Megan Arnold: I love ESA because I get to volunteer in my community and make an impact. I have always enjoyed spending time in my community in order to get to know more people and help in any way that I can. I love that ESA gives me so many opportunities on campus and around Bloomington-Normal to serve. It is a great way to branch out to try new things. Plus, it is an extra bonus that I get to volunteer with my friends and build meaningful bonds along the way!

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Samantha Chopp: I love ESA because all of the girls are dedicated to service and providing for others, as well as giving back to those who provide for us. I have done service for St. Jude many times in the past, and it is an organization that I would love to continue to fundraise and provide for. I also have many first responders in my community at home, as well as in my own family (my dad) and I know how much it would mean to him to see me showing my appreciation to people who work in his field. I rushed ESA because I have a passion for service and wanted to surround myself with likeminded and dedicated people :). One of my favorite memories from ESA so far was the scavenger hunt night of rush because it was filled with laughing, running around with new friends, and memories in the making. I’m so excited for the many memories that are to come :)

Shelby Riddle: I love ESA so far because it's been a great way to connect with so many wonderful girls! I was looking for a way to get involved at ISU as a transfer student, and when I heard about ESA, it seemed like a great option! I'm so excited to serve multiple organizations, especially St. Jude, which holds a special place in my heart. My favorite memory so far is bid day since it was so fun to dress up and get cute pictures! I'm so excited for everything to come with ESA and to grow with the organization.

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Lauren Smith: I originally rushed ESA because I wanted a chance to meet more girls on campus. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! ESA has given me so many opportunities to grow myself as a person, meet girls with similar interests as me, and gain a support system of people that are all working toward a common goal: service. I am so proud to be a part of ESA knowing that we do so many things for our community, fundraise for amazing causes and have a great sisterhood. Knowing that I get to call myself an ESA sister is something I will forever be proud of and greatful for.

Hannah Engstrom: I love ESA because of how welcoming everyone is. I was spring 2023 pledge. I was Anja's date to barn dance in the fall and met so many amazing people so I decided to join! One of my favorite memories was big/little reveal. My big is Anja but she seriously tricked me so good- I had no idea! I am very excited for the upcoming reveal so I can grow the family 💕💕

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Paige Griffith: I love ESA because of all the different volunteer opportunities. I also love getting to know all the members and how we strive to make everyone feel welcome. I rushed in the Fall of 2020, because I wanted to find a group of girls that were supportive and find a way to get involved in the community. Over the last three years, I have loved every second of it. Some of my favorite memories have been being on the exec/comm board, night in a car, formal, and red dress gala.

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