EXEC/COMM 2019-2020


Savannah Harpel

Vice President
Hannah Henley


Liv Summer &

Isabelle Frautschy

St. Jude Director

Madison Moore &

Bridget Conway


Riley Cronin



Jan Sancho &

Molly Loudermilk

Hope for Heroes Directors

Jessica Hogeboom & Madison Oakes

Easterseals Directors

Allison Eby &

Madison Johannes

Jphil Chairs

Cassie Little, Anna Lindflott, & Katelyn Menas

Sisterhood Chairs

Hannah Griffin &

Kaylyn Cox

Ways and Means Chair

Katherine Gacek

Educational Chairs

Kat Mraz &

Nicole Panos 

Big/Little Coordinator 

Lia Kaminsky

Alumni Chair

Leah Laudermith


Liv Summer


Taylor Kozaritz & Caroline Vazquez

Social Chairs

Madelyn Garrison & Caitlin Beaver

Pledge Liaisons

Allison Psaras & Christina Priolo

Email Contact List 2019 - 2020:

President: Savannah Harpel - esapresident.sh@gmail.com

Vice President: Hannah Henley - vicepresident.esa@gmail.com

Parliamentarian: Riley Cronin - esaparliamentarian@gmail.com

Secretary: Jan Sancho - esasecretary.js@esailstu.com

Secretary: Molly Loudermilk - esasecretary@gmail.com

Treasurers: Liv Summer & Isabelle Frautschy - esatreasurers@gmail.com

St. Jude Director: Francesca Trigillo & Madison Moore - esailstustjude@gmail.com

Hope For Heroes Directors: Madison Oakes & Jessica Hogeboom - esah4h@gmail.com

Easterseals Directors: Allison Eby & Madison Johannes - esaeasterseals@gmail.com

Junior Philanthropic Chairs: Cassie Little, Anna Lindflott, & Katelyn Menas - jrphils@gmail.com

Educational Chairs:  Kat Mraz & Nicole Panos - esaeducational@gmail.com

Sisterhood Chairs: Hannah Griffin & Kaylyn Cox - esasisterhood@gmail.com

Ways & Means Chair: Katherine Gacek - esawaysandmeans@gmail.com 

Big/Little Coordinator: Lia Kaminsky - esabiglilchair@gmail.com

Alumni Chair: Leah Laudermith - esaalum@gmail.com

Chaplain: Liv Summer - chaplainesa@gmail.com

Jonquils: Taylor Kozaritz & Caroline Vazquez - esajonquil.mj@gmail.com

Publicity Chair: esapublicity.kk@gmail.com

Web Coordinator:  esaisuweb@gmail.com

Social Chair: Madelyn Garrison & Caitlin Beaver - socialchair.esa@gmail.com

Pledge Liaison: Allison Psaras & Christina Priolo - esapliaisons@gmail.com


Weekly Schedule: 

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Info Night (Informal Rush)

Wednesday: Meet the Board (Informal Rush)

Thursday: Practice

Friday: Nothing 

Saturday: Basketball Game 

Sunday: Chapter and Bid Day!!



Ways and Means

St. Jude



Hope for Heroes


Junior Philanthropic

New Actives



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