Big & Little

It's the LITTLE things that make life BIG.

As a pledge, part of becoming involved in ESA is getting paired with a big sister. The process of getting matched with a big is easy - all you need to do is fill out a sheet about yourself and return it to the Big/Lil Chairperson.

Once all of the members are matched up, there is themed Big/Lil reveal. There are several activities throughout the year that are geared towards spending time with your big/lil and getting to know them better. 

Big/Lil Reveal 2020 Ice Ice Baby

Weekly Schedule 

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Nothing


Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: Easterseals Grape Soiree & Unpopular Opinion Powerpoint Night 

Sunday: Zoom Chapter @ 7 p.m. 

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Ways and Means

St. Jude



Hope for Heroes


Junior Philanthropic

New Actives




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